The Arsana Estate - Open air living area


  • We want to say a big thank you to all the amazing staff here at Arsana! The food, the service, and the villa were astonishing. Thank you for an amazing and pleasant stay in this wonderful villa.

    Fredrik A, Sweden

    November 11th, 2023 - November 17th, 2023

  • To the amazing - wonderful Arsana staff, We are very grateful to have spent the last 7 days at Villa Arsana. It Is an amazing estate with even more amazing and kind staff. Thank you for your kindness and patient with our family. The children and the adults have had a wonderful stay. Your service is impeccable and very thoughtful. Pak Nengah is an extraordinary chef. 5-star dining experience. Ibu Ari, Ibu Agung, Pak Dod and everyone else whose names we didn't catch will be missed by all of us. We hope to come back again.

    Peter B, Australia

    July 10th, 2023 - July 17th, 2023

  • Dear Arsana Team, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blissful time here over the past week. The villa is a true paradise & the beautiful staff makes the stay even better. Thank you for the delicious meals, smiling faces & incredible service. Our families enjoyed our stay here & have created memories to last a lifetime. Bali will always hold a special place in our hearts. The 40th Birthdays Extravaganza The Mathesons, Blackmores, Stevensons & Monks

    Kate M, Australia

    June 16th, 2023 - June 22nd, 2023

  • Six days of absolute bliss! The villa is amazing, the team look after us were incredible. Food was delicious and everybody is very helpful! We had the best time and are already talking about when we can come back. Thank you for spoiling us Scott, Sheree, Sarah & Terry

    Scott B, Australia

    April 15th, 2023 - April 21st, 2023

  • Dear Arsana Team, Such a lovely team of staff. They were amazing ans so accomodating of last minute food changes. And the food was DELICIOUS:) Amazing location and brilliant team. Thanks for a wonderful time. What a holiday!!! The villa was 10 times better than expected. The staff were so friendly. Very sad to be leaving. Crombie, Michie and Thomson

    Peter T, Hong Kong

    April 3rd, 2023 - April 10th, 2023

  • Many thanks to everyone from all of us. We will see you again....

    Larry M, United States

    March 1st, 2023 - March 9th, 2023

  • Thank you so much for the great experience. The house is incredibly, beautiful and comfortable and the staff always attentive and accommodating.

    James H, United States

    February 4th, 2023 - February 10th, 2023

  • This is the best holiday we have ever had. Beautiful service, beautiful environment, beautiful villa, beautiful pool, and beautiful people. Our biggest thank you to you all.

    Chan L, Hong Kong

    January 21st, 2023 - January 25th, 2023

  • We would like to express our gratitude for the awesome reception and treatment we had during our stay in December 2022. Thank you for the professionalism, for always friendly and accommodating service. You made our special family gathering more special! Terima Kasih! Thank you for Ari, Rai, Roni, Agung and Nengah for the phenomenal support in our special stay. It was our family`s first gathering in 4 years. We were looking for a place to unwind and relax, and to be able to chat, play and sing together, and with your help, we were free to do so without any worries or stress. A beautiful villa, wonderful staff, and an incredible experience for our special family get together. Thank you for making our stay such a memorable one.

    Breno B, Australia

    December 24th, 2022 - January 3rd, 2023

  • Absolute buss!!!! This place is amazing, the staff plus grounds are amazing. We couldn't ask for more. The food, service, villa and atmosphere have been spectacular. We will keep coming back. Thank you.

    David R, Australia

    December 10th, 2022 - December 14th, 2022

  • This place truly paradise. It is the most beautiful place we have ever stayed. The staff are absolutely wonderful, so kind, attentive and accommodating. This pictures don't even do it justice. It you magical place. So serene and relaxing. Thank you so much, we have had the best time ever.

    Kris D, Australia

    December 7th, 2022 - December 10th, 2022

  • Thanks for everything !! The hospitality from all the staff was amazing! We all felt like being home and with our family! All the moments past in this villa will be memories for all of is, for the rest of our lives. Thanks for the magical moments and hope to see you soon.. Big Kisses....

    Alexis S, France

    November 14th, 2022 - November 24th, 2022

  • Thank you for everything. You are awesome. I wish you all the best. Thank you so much

    William T, France

    October 25th, 2022 - November 8th, 2022

  • We can not get over how beautiful this estate is and also how well cared for we were throughout our stay. The living quarters are built perfectly and everything blended well with the nature it surrounds. Thank you to the amazing staff for such careful consideration, so attentive and always with a smile definitely made our time here, the best could have been. We really hope to be back Thank you

    Francesca F, Malta

    October 9th, 2022 - October 15th, 2022

  • What a wonderful stay ! wonderful country, wonderful villa, wonderful people. Everyone here is so nice. Everything was perfect. Food is amazing. Service as well. Hope we will come back Arsana of course.... Lots of love Alex and Johann

    Alexandra D, France

    September 6th, 2022 - September 20th, 2022

  • We thoroughly enjoyed our four days stay here at Arsana. The villa is so luxurious and well - maintained! The staff are also very welcoming, all smiles and accommodating. We didn't eat a lot at the villa but whenever we do, the food is always satisfying. Now the pandemic is slowing down, I wish for continued clients for Arsana and the team. We will recommend this villa to our friends. Thank you, From Marvin, Mykel, Ian and Alden

    Marvin A, Philippines

    August 19th, 2022 - August 23rd, 2022

  • Dear Team Arsana, The villa is a place of relaxation, joy and happiness. Beyond the wonderful architecture, stylish interior and lush gardens, the attentive and truly friendly staff have made our stay unforgettable. Our expectations were high prior to arriving at the villa, but they were clearly exceeded.Our many photos and warm memories of the stay will accompany us through our daily routines once arrive back in Germany. We would like to thank the entire Arsana Team for making this stay in paradise so perfect. Thank you from the entire Schmidt & Schubert Family. We truly hope to see you again soon. All the best Family Schmidt & Schubert

    Pit S, Germany

    August 15th, 2022 - August 19th, 2022

  • Dear Staff, Thank you so much for this amazing experience! This villa is amazing big, and you guys have been the nicest. The food was * Delicieux * ( French ) The rooms were * Bellissimo ( Italian ) The activities were very *onderhodend* = entertaining ( Dutch ) Overall , an AMAZING experience !!!!

    FEDERICO A, Hong Kong

    August 9th, 2022 - August 13th, 2022

  • This is the most elegant and beautiful villa we have been ever. The service was amazing, the hospitality was very kind. Any kind of food we needed prepared immediately. Thank you very much for the great hospitality. We are highly appreciated.

    Krisztina J, Hungary

    July 21st, 2022 - August 2nd, 2022

  • How lucky are we to go on holidays and arrive in paradise, otherwise known as Arsana Estate. This is a wonderful place. The whole team are incredible and catered to our every need including specific diets. We would highly recommended the Babi Guling feast, the staff made huge effort to make this a special occasion for us and some friends staying in villas nearby. they hosted a superb feast for 18 people. Every bedrooms was cleaned and prepared everyday without invasion of privacy. All facilities are immaculate. We used the tennis court almost daily. The gardens are lovely. We even saw a troupe of monkeys visiting on separate occasion. We participated in a number of excursions as organized and recommended by the Arsana Team. all proved fantastic days out to Tanah Lot Temple, ATV driving in Ubud, Love Anchor Market in, La Sa'mesa. We particularly recommend the local cycling tour found in the Nyambu booklet. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and we were invited to his home.

    David R, Ireland

    July 11th, 2022 - July 20th, 2022

  • Thank you very much for the amazing hospitality. The Villa is so much more than the photographs. It's modern, it's a lot bigger and very well located. Thank you to the incredible staff for always being available. They so friendly and Made our stay extra special.

    Tatum B, South Africa

    July 5th, 2022 - July 10th, 2022

  • Thank you for a wonderfully spoiling stay. After two years away from Asia. We could not have had a better return home for 12 days at The Arsana Estate. Ari and Agung were superstars. Komang's food was delicious and everyone else just made it special. We hope we will see you all again soon.

    Alex W, Australia

    June 17th, 2022 - June 29th, 2022

  • Thank you to the staff of The Arsana Estate. Your kindness, hospitality is unmatched. Thank you for making us feel like family instead of guest. I enjoyed learning about Bali and the beautiful culture. We never had to wait for anything. All of the staff were prompt and professional. To say the staff was amazing does no justice, the staff here is extraordinary. All meals here are ready at the time we picked and we never come back to our unclean room. We will be back and we'll be back to stay at The Arsana Estate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Mervin G, United States

    June 11th, 2022 - June 16th, 2022

  • Thank you so much for a truly magical stay! We've been blown away by the beauty of the villa and its grounds. The Arsana Team has been a dream - yummy food and genuine smiles have made our trip even more special. We can't wait to come back. Stunning villa and amazing team. Thank you for looking after us all. The services and food was amazing! Hope to come back soon.

    Killian T, Indonesia

    April 28th, 2022 - May 3rd, 2022

  • Dear Arsana Team, Thank you so much for taking a great care of us during our stay here at this beautiful Arsana Estate. Thank you for excellent services! You guys are wonderful. We had a great time here and hope to be back soon. The Soemitro Family

    Fenny S, Indonesia

    February 28th, 2022 - March 2nd, 2022

  • Always happy be back here. All staff members are so good & humble. Also helpful. Thank you guys. Zack

    Faraj A, Indonesia

    January 15th, 2022 - January 17th, 2022

  • Dear Arsana Estate Team The villa is amazing with stunning view. We love staying here. Arsana team is also good. Thank you

    Damon H, Indonesia

    December 31st, 2021 - January 4th, 2022

  • Dear Arsana Team, Thank you so much for bringing so much joy & happiness into our holiday! We enjoyed our stay here so much...we will definitely be back! The kids are going to miss this place so much..the pool...the media room :) Very good service & attentive staff...good with the kids too. See you soon, Martin & Cindy

    Cindy L, Indonesia

    September 24th, 2021 - October 24th, 2021

  • Thank you Bu Rai, Bu Ari, Bu Agung, Bu Dayu, Ronni dan Pak Ngah. Thank you for your service. It's an awesome villa and very clean :)

    Damon H, Indonesia

    July 21st, 2021 - July 22nd, 2021

  • Me and my family had a wonderful time at this establishment. We want to thank you for your kind smiles and being there when we needed you. You made amazing meals and snacks:) I personally want to thank everyone for their kindness and opening up to us by sharing laughs and giggles.

    Ryan A, American Samoa

    May 6th, 2021 - June 5th, 2021

  • The villa is so great, we love it.

    Bryan G, Indonesia

    April 2nd, 2021 - April 5th, 2021

  • We really loved the villa as it was very nice and had helpful staff. Facilities are complete too. This was also our first experience celebrating Nyepi without lights in Bali. We will come back here in the future. Keep up the good work. You have great artwork as well. Well done!

    Yunike Engelin H, Indonesia

    March 11th, 2021 - March 15th, 2021

  • First of all, let me say thank you so much. The staff here is amazing, the energy of this place is also amazing. Dayu is one of our favourites, she is awesome. For sure, we will come back soon.

    Faraj A, Indonesia

    January 22nd, 2021 - January 24th, 2021

  • Thank you so much for everything. Everything in our home for the last 3 weeks was perfect. Thank you Bu Rain, Bu Dayu , Bu Agung, Bu ari , Pak Nengah & the entire Arsana team for the warm welcome. We are very grateful & thankful to you all. Leaving this place with a heavy heart and hope to come back again soon. Fiona & Family

    Bryan G, Indonesia

    January 3rd, 2021 - January 10th, 2021

  • 14 of us in the group and we all had an excellent time. Personally loved the design of the place. The staff all happy and healthy. We left the villa just once as felt no need to leave. Thanks for the excellent week Rai and the team. There are not many places on earth we say we'll come to. But truly believe we'll be back to Arsana Estate.

    Colleen L, Hong Kong

    March 15th, 2020 - March 22nd, 2020

  • I stayed at the wonderful property with a group of friends for a far too brief 4 nights. Everything about the property and experience was superlative. We had intended to go out and explore but we absolutely felt no need, as the villa has everything one could possible require - wonderful, kind staff, a stunning pool and multiple places to relax. The food was better than anywhere we had outside. Especially to the babi guling and mixed BBQ. I Hope to return again very soon.

    Peter D, Australia

    February 7th, 2020 - February 11th, 2020

  • Beautiful villa with stunning art works, well appointed furniture styled to perfection. The maze of gardens are beautiful and clearly a massive job to maintain. The pool is big and perfect for large groups, always clean and a perfect temperature. We have particularly enjoyed dining at the large open room being served various dishes. Our favourite were eg. beef rendang, nasi goreng, daily omlettes and yummy local desserts. Our children had daily burgers and carbonara for 10 days straight. The wifi is awesome too!! Its everywhere including the gym.

    Emma B, Australia

    January 15th, 2020 - January 25th, 2020

  • Seluruh staff sangat ramah. Pelayanan cukup bagus. Penjagaan juga ketat, jadi nyaman. Rapih dan bersih. Keseluruhan bagus sekali.

    Jhon S, Indonesia

    December 31st, 2019 - January 5th, 2020

  • We had a wonderful experience, staff is very accommodating. We love their Aglio Olio, Spring Roll, Spaghetti with meat sauce, Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng. The pool temperature is perfect. The villa is complete there is no need to got to the city unless shopping is needed.

    Alaine C, Philippines

    December 26th, 2019 - December 31st, 2019

  • The single best place I ever stayed...anywhere.

    Mark W, Malta

    November 13th, 2019 - November 17th, 2019

  • Very attentive to our needs. Service amazing, villa very clean and tidy. Foods beautiful, kids loved all the foods. All staff very friendly. A very relaxing holiday.

    Michael S, Indonesia

    October 1st, 2019 - October 7th, 2019

  • Resort size, boutique feel. Amazing, wonderful and kind staff. Personalized service with special attention on special occasions. No request too difficult, staff were willing to accommodate. Any request always delivered with excellence.

    Laura-Lee K, Australia

    September 26th, 2019 - October 1st, 2019

  • We are really happy to contribute with these comments to the strong and deserved reputation of The Arsana Estate as a top standard. This was a wonderful holiday during these two weeks spent in Bali. The villa, staff and all the facilities have strongly and warmly taken part in these two weeks in paradise. We would like to thank you all for this amazing trip. The time we spent was exceptional and maybe too fast. The staff all very kind and funny, we will remember this trip for long time.

    Costagliola P, France

    August 3rd, 2019 - August 17th, 2019

  • We are seasoned Bali holiday makers. As we stepped in, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the villa. We enjoyed the facilities provided with full privacy. We must commend the exceptionally skilled Chef. Every meal we had was enjoyable. We will not hesitate to return given the peaceful and relaxing experience we had. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

    Mark B, Switzerland

    July 22nd, 2019 - July 27th, 2019

  • Thank you so much for having us as guests for ten nights. We have traveled the world and seen and been to the most beautiful places. Only this villa and staff can be described in one word - extraordinary. Top class breakfast, lunch and dinner. The place is spotlessly clean and it has a western quality in an Asian Decor. I would not recommend it to just anyone because this hidden gem is not for tourism. Makasi banyak to all the crew and Manager Rai. Hope to see you soon.

    Nasim A, Netherlands

    July 12th, 2019 - July 22nd, 2019

  • This last 10 days has been unforgettable. From the first minute, you made us feel at home. From cooking and cleaning, to taking care of our children, nothing was too much trouble. You were all amazing. We came for a few weeks of holidays and we are leaving as family. We love you all so much and wish you all the best.

    Mark M, Australia

    May 14th, 2019 - May 25th, 2019

  • We have had such an incredible time here at Arsana. The service made it feel like family away from home. We will certainly be looking again in the future for our next holiday to Bali.

    Chris E, Indonesia

    April 27th, 2019 - May 3rd, 2019

  • We loved our stay. Food was excellent and the villa was amazing. All of the staff are very friendly. Our kids made the most of the pool and media room. Thank you Rai and staff for looking after us.

    Shellie M, Australia

    March 30th, 2019 - April 4th, 2019

  • For the last few years we have always had holidays in Bali. Highlight of every trip is "villa shopping" and arriving at our villa of choice. Every year to out do the previous one. This year we chanced upon the Arsana Estate. It was heaven sent. We were already excited about the tennis court, cinema, gym, pool table and the large estate. On arrival, the place took our breath away. Place is massive, clean and beautiful. Staff led by Rai were always on hand to assist us and made our stay so enjoyable. The kids and adults have unanimously agreed that the search is over and we will definitely will come back. If not for anything else, for the wonderful food served from the master kitchen, worthwhile calories.

    Vivien K, Singapore

    March 16th, 2019 - March 20th, 2019

  • We loved our stay at The Arsana Estate. The estate is beautiful and everything we could have hoped for down to the last detail. The staff were amazing and friendly, and the food was very good. Rai was the perfect villa manager and saw to our every need. Thank you for such a wonderful time. We would love to come back.

    Debi P, United States

    March 9th, 2019 - March 13th, 2019

  • As a food and travel blogger, I have enjoyed traveling around the world and staying in many amazing locations. The Arsana Estate is one of the best places I have stayed in. The service from Rai and all of the staff has been second to none. Always friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The meals were always tasty and delicious and the facilities on the property were first class. We can highly recommend Arsana to everyone.

    Joel M, Australia

    November 30th, 2018 - December 3rd, 2018

  • Our three weeks stay at Arsana has been magical. We have been thoroughly spoilt with the services given by all the staff here. It’s never an effort for them and they have always worn a smile on their faces. Rai the Manager has been fantastic with the organization of all our needs. She seems to have a magic wand and makes it all happen. She has made Arsana a very special home. Ketut and Nengah are just excellent in the kitchen. Not only did the kitchen look professional but they both worked well in there and they were even willing to try to cook something that was new to them. We have really enjoyed our meals each time. The daily staff made it all perfect for us with their creativity - flower arrangements on the table, napkins folded differently every time. The Arsana home always looked immaculate and we really appreciated every little touch. Walking round the Estate, we also realized how hard the gardeners work to keep the garden looking so beautiful. We very much enjoyed the natural surroundings.

    Irene A, United Kingdom

    August 6th, 2018 - August 30th, 2018

  • Second time back and the place looks even better than before. The experience is as stunning. Superb staff that make our stay very convenient, comfortable and relaxing! Thank you for the stunning decorations and performance for our special birthday celebration and the care for those who were unwell! Food great. Great scenery. See ya soon!

    Priscilla W, Singapore

    July 26th, 2018 - July 31st, 2018

  • We had a truly memorable 10 days here at Arsana. With such beautifully well maintained areas, it has been a delight to unwind and immerse ourselves in the local village and all the experiences staying in a village can provide. Thank you to all the staff for making our stay so comfortable. The food was insurmountable! Sampai Jumpa.

    Laura M, Australia

    July 11th, 2018 - July 21st, 2018

  • Gentilesse, calme, qualite, merci pour tout, en esperant revenir tre vite, tous mes invites ont passe un magnifique moment, dans a petit paradis.

    Numa J, Vietnam

    June 8th, 2018 - June 11th, 2018

  • A truly special three days at Arsana. Stunning surroundings and every detail was perfect. Many thanks for the special memories!

    Craig M, Australia

    April 22nd, 2018 - April 25th, 2018

  • Well, what can I say? Apart from "WOW". Such an amazing experience here at Arsana. 7* establishment, with 7*staff! Just absolutely out of this world. See you all next year! Thanks.

    Tony B, Indonesia

    January 5th, 2018 - January 13th, 2018

  • Second time I come in this wonderful place. Nice renovation and people are always so welcoming and wonderful. The place is always so calm and relaxing. We greatly appreciated the surprise for Kenzo's birthday. The Balinese dance was magic. I will advise this place to all my friends and people who wish to make an unforgettable trip. Thank you very much. I'll come back soon.

    Stephane N, France

    October 26th, 2017 - November 5th, 2017

  • We would like to thank all the staff for a wonderful time. They are some of the most friendly and helpful people we have ever met, nothing is a problem. Also the food as been amazing. When we get back home we will be letting everyone know this is the choice villa in is Bali. Again thanks, you guys are great!!!

    Lisa S, New Zealand

    November 7th, 2016 - November 10th, 2016

  • Thank you Made and all of team from Arsana Villa. The grounds the villa, and the people were all beautiful. We felt very relaxed and safe with all of our children playing happily. We don't want to go!!! We will be back soon.

    Mariusz K, Australia

    July 28th, 2016 - August 2nd, 2016

  • Arsana Estate was fantastic. We had wonderful time and all the staff were very helpful. The setting was amazing. Thank you to all.

    Jane P, Australia

    July 9th, 2016 - July 16th, 2016

  • Many thanks to Made ,Gangga,and all The Arsana staff for a wonderful stay, special mention to the chef for his delicious lunches and dinners. We've all had wonderful time!! Thanks again!!

    Cynthia H, Australia

    June 19th, 2016 - June 26th, 2016

  • We had 4 families and spent 4 night here and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Many thanks to Made and all the staff for their wonderful service and for making our stay so enjoyable. All the adults and children have been well catered for with plenty of space for everyone. A special thanks for the extra effort in making my 40th birthday celebration such great evening. We will be back!!

    SANDRA H, Australia

    June 3rd, 2016 - June 7th, 2016

  • Thank you so much to Made, Agung and all the staff, we had a beautiful 5 days and felt very special by the attentive staff. The villa is beautiful and was perfect for 2 families - plenty of space for everyone.

    Nina F, Australia

    April 18th, 2016 - April 23rd, 2016

  • A magical holiday at Arsana Villa. The staff is wonderful and we felt in heaven. We would love to came back.

    Tanya T, Malaysia

    April 1st, 2016 - April 5th, 2016

  • Thank you for the warm hospitality shown by the staff during our stay here.The pool was well maintained and our kids enjoyed splashing around every day.

    Daphne T, Singapore

    March 12th, 2016 - March 16th, 2016

  • Thank you for this nice holiday. Pleasant people and very kind. Very nice villa. Thank you for everything.

    Stephane N, Singapore

    February 23rd, 2016 - March 2nd, 2016

  • Wonderful service, wonderful food and excellent rooms. The staff were fantastic at my 40th birthday, hope to stay again. A truly wonderful experience. Thank you.

    Chantal C, Australia

    February 3rd, 2016 - February 9th, 2016

  • Thank you for everyone at Arsana Estate. We had a very pleasant time. We cannot forget the moment we had here with all of you. Love to came back again.

    Kim E, Thailand

    December 10th, 2015 - December 14th, 2015

  • The villa is beautiful and we love the space. The nature and the children room so comfortable. The trampoline was a great item for the children to play on. All the staff are wonderful. Special thanks to Tia and Made for their lovely service. God bless!!

    Al H, Singapore

    December 5th, 2015 - December 8th, 2015

  • Thank you to all the wonderful staff at The Arsana Estate for making our stay so very very pleasant. Attentive staff, wonderful food, great driver. Thank you once again.

    David J. H, Singapore

    November 9th, 2015 - November 13th, 2015

  • I had a good time. Thank you.

    GEONJUNG K, South Korea

    October 27th, 2015 - October 29th, 2015

  • Thank you so much for a great time here. We all loved it sooooooo much! The staff made the place magic, making so many yummy dishes for us and cleaning up our mess! A special mention to Made & Tia also to the cooks. When we came back to the Bali this place will be at the top of our list!!

    Martin W, New Zealand

    September 28th, 2015 - October 3rd, 2015

  • Thank you to Tia and everyone at Arsana for making our stay in Bali. I love love love the mangosteens. We had amazing stay. Thank you for such a wonderful experience - the villa was excellent and food was great!

    Bill K, Singapore

    September 25th, 2015 - September 27th, 2015

  • Thank you to everyone here at Arsana Estate for making our stay in Bali. We Loved every moment, including swimming in the pool, playing in the games and media room, our comfortable rooms and last but not least the delicious meals. The children especially loved the motorcycle rids and delicious mango smoothies by the pool. Thank you also for the surprise dance performance to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, we all loved it. Thank you!!

    Wendy L, United States

    September 9th, 2015 - September 13th, 2015

  • Thank you for the good service and everything. Special thanks to Tia & Made. They have made everything more fantastic! We had a great time!

    Lee S, Singapore

    September 2nd, 2015 - September 5th, 2015

  • Thank you again for another beautiful holiday. The best place to chill with the best staff. We never want to leave. Thank you all so much for looking after us, it has been an amazing stay!

    Lyn A, Switzerland

    July 19th, 2015 - August 29th, 2015

  • Our family holiday at the Arsana Estate was amazing The actual villa and its staff were fabulous It was a truly unique experience. We spent time in and out of the villa and were treated to top quality facilites, service and food. The pool an it cleanliness was outstanding and beautiful to swim amongst. The drivers to the and from the estate were incredibly friendly and helpful.

    cath Griffin, Australia

    July 3rd, 2015 - July 7th, 2015

  • Arsana is an intimate oasis that has been 'home' to our families for this beautiful holiday. We all (13 in total) have loved our time here, spent poolside, relaxing. Enormous thanks to the beautiful staff who have cared and looked after us so well. Thank you.

    Susannah Z, Australia

    June 24th, 2015 - July 2nd, 2015

  • We had the pleasure of staying at the Arsana Estate for 5 nights 5-10June. It was one of the most magical places I have stayed at. The estate is so spacious. From the moment we arrived at the Villa, we were treated like royalty (and we were treated like this, right up until our waves goodbye). All of the staff enjoy their jobs and it shows! We travelled with 9 adults and a 3 year old and a 6 month old. The staff were all very helpful with the children. Tia was amazing. Always offering to hold our little girl, whilst we we eating our meals. (Thank you). The meals were amazing (thanks chef). breakfast, lunch and dinner was prepared everyday at whatever time we requested to eat. The whole estate was cleaned every morning before we woke and the pool area all set up with towels etc for the day. On our 3rd day, was the most special day of our stay. Our wedding day! One we will remember forever! I can't thank everyone enough for the effort and input to make our day so special! All the staff worked so hard., from setting up tables, cleaning the grounds and the list goes on. Our wedding dinner , prepared by Arsana was absolutely Divine! After our dinner, we were surprised by a lovely gift. Balinese Dance show, Thank you ever so much! Amazing. Each Villa on the estate was immaculate. The bathrooms with the opening doors to the pond are so beautiful! My little boy loved the trampoline and also loved fishing in the fishponds (thanks guys). I really look forward to coming back and staying at the Arsana Estate again. I wish we didn't have to leave. We can honestly say...........One of the best places we have stayed at....Thank you x

    Karen Sarjeant, Australia

    June 5th, 2015 - June 10th, 2015

  • Thank you for a wonderful and restful stay, it was a trip to remember. Gorgeous home and location and the lovely staff made for an excellent relaxing stay.

    Julia H, Singapore

    May 28th, 2015 - June 1st, 2015

  • You guys are so amazing. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Your service is perfect. We hope to make it back to Bali soon.

    Shannon H, Indonesia

    May 19th, 2015 - May 23rd, 2015

  • Beautiful villa. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, you helped make our wedding moments ones we will treasure forever. It was very hard to leave the pool! Cheers for the memories.

    Lynda H, Indonesia

    May 14th, 2015 - May 17th, 2015

  • Our group of 4 families with 7 children aged 5-15 enjoyed our 5-night stay over Easter. The facilities are fantastic - we loved the trampoline, the lawn with football goal, the sizeable pool, the amazing kids' bunk room which everyone wanted to sleep in, a huge media room with an impressive selection of DVDs, and the food especially the Mee Goreng, pisang goreng, kuih dadar, pancakes. The villa staff looked after us well and helped us with arrangements within and outside the villa. The Arsana is well located for those also considering a visit to Ubud which is just 45 mins away. Otherwise there is plenty to do at the villa if you don't want to make the 45 minute journey into Seminyak. Overall a wonderful holiday for us, and I would enthusiastically recommend it to parties visiting with a group of children.

    Joo Hsiu L, Hong Kong

    April 4th, 2015 - April 9th, 2015

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