The Arsana Estate - Fresh food made in the villa


Effortless in-villa dining is one of the key attractions of a stay at The Arsana Estate.  The cook  and kitchen team are on hand to prepare daily family-style breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks in between.  There’s an extensive suggestion menu of delicious home-style meals featuring Asian and international dishes to cater to all tastes, with an excellent selection of vegetarian, super-healthy and children’s options. The cook is more than happy to tailor meals to accommodate any special dietary requirements. Balinese favourites include sate lilit (minced snapper in Balinese spices wrapped around a skewer of wood or lemongrass), ayam betutu (traditional roasted chicken with special local spices) or babi guling (Bali’s celebrated dish of whole suckling pig with cassava leaves).

The Arsana Estate - Appetising dish
The Arsana Estate - Great food

Grocery system

To allow the kitchen staff time to shop and prepare, it’s necessary to order in advance – either the evening before (for special requests) or at breakfast time each day.  Groceries and beverages are charged at cost price plus 20% handling fee which is subject to service charge and government tax and guests will be requested to provide a float for provisions. Receipts will be provided for an end-of-stay reckoning.

The Arsana Estate - Arsana chef in action
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