The Arsana Estate - Wedding


The substantial open space within the garden, combined with the grandiose property and its extensive facilities, makes The Arsana Estate the ideal tropical setting for relaxing retreats, intimate weddings, barbecues and other special celebrations. Events can be coordinated by professional outside caterers who have the world-class expertise to prepare a sumptuous feast at the villa, in addition to the coordination of decorations, flowers, lighting, sound systems and entertainment.

The Arsana Estate - Ring exchange
The Arsana Estate - Bouquet

Groups of up to 25 seated guests can be indulged with a sizzling barbecue beside the pool at sunset, and the elevated terrace above the pool can be transformed into a stage for Balinese dance performances. The entrance hall and bar are perfect for a cocktail reception.

  • Maximum people sitting: 25 pax
  • Maximum people standing: 25 pax
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