The Arsana Estate has a dedicated team of 16 staff, including eight from the local community who are happy for guests accompany them at village ceremonies and events to give them the inside scoop on Bali life and culture.

Full-time manager:
The Arsana’s full-time manager and years of experience working at the highest levels within the Bali hospitality world. His job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property, and to assist guests during their stay and is on call 24 hours a day.
Full-time chef/cook:
The chef prepares daily lunch and dinner, according to the wishes and whims of guests Healthy foods are specialties but the chef can also bring a smile to the faces of comfort food fans and is a dab hand with fried chicken. The chef is assisted by Butlers who will take care of your needs at breakfast time – that most important meal of the day.
The champions of all things domestic, our butlers will look after villa guests throughout the day, serving food, snacks and beverages and assisting the kitchen at meal times as well as attending to all of the daily cleaning duties at the villa.
Two gardeners tend the garden at The Arsana keeping it looking spick and span and hugely tropical.
Spa/massage/yoga & fitness:
Off-site, fully trained spa staff will visit the villa upon request to provide a range of spa and massage treatments. Fitness trainers and yoga instructors can also attend guests at the villa (extra fees apply).
The villa is kept safe and secure 24 hours a day by 5 security guards working in shifts.
Maintenance/pool attendant:
Should your AC need attention, don’t despair. Gusti is on hand to fix it – or anything else that needs an overhaul. Unfortunately, the pool doesn’t clean itself, so every morning Gusti will be out there discreetly taking care of business so you can enjoy your poolside experience even more.