Our Chef at Arsana Estate is definitely the jewel in our crown. His previous appointments include Executive Chef at the world-renowned 5-star Pan Pacific Hotel, as well as winner of numerous Master Chef Awards in Indonesia and Asia. Guests are encouraged to speak with him with regards meal options, specific dietary requirements and any special requests they may have during their stay. The villa offers a menu (featuring Indonesian and International dishes) to make ordering easier, but we hope that guests do take advantage of our highly skilled and talented Chef, who brings with him a myriad of dishes from all over the world.

Being in Bali, this is a good opportunity to try favourite Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice) Mie Goreng (fried noodles), or Soto Ayam (spicy chicken soup), as well as Nasi Campur – the everyday Balinese meal that can be customised to suit the occasion. Nasi Campur is comprised of rice and a selection of vegetables, meat or fish and other accompaniments that might include egg, tofu, and the fried soybean cakes known as ‘tempe’. Another ‘must try’ is Rendang Daging – a famous Indonesian delicacy created from succulent chunks of beef stewed in coconut cream and spices.

Salads include squid with green mango; grilled prawn with pomelo and apple, and Caesar with grilled chicken, while other Western dishes on the menu include hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, and delights such as grilled tenderloin with asparagus and oyster sauce, or rolled chicken breast stuffed with emmental cheese and cream mushroom sauce. Tapas and snacks include traditional Indonesian Tahu Isi – stuffed tofu, and chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce. Dessert specialities such as watermelon granite with vanilla yogurt, and jackfruit fritters with pineapple sauce (made from estate-grown fruit), are not to be missed. Beverages include freshly squeezed fruit juices, spirits, wines and cocktails.

To get the best out of the kitchen, it is a good idea to plan meals the evening before or over breakfast so that the staff can arrange deliveries or do the shopping in a timely fashion during the day. Food and drink is provided on a ‘cost’ basis with a 20% mark-up to cover pick-ups/delivery and stock ingredients plus another 15.5% tax and service. Guests will be requested to provide a float for groceries in advance with the amount dependent on the number of guests. Staff will shop and keep the receipts for your reference.